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I feel like I have been sleep walking for the last two weeks.

I finished all my camera straps for the Very jane deal and shipped them off last weekend and yesterday! I still can’t believe I got about 300 hundred done in 2 weeks – 150 in one weekend. It was a rush and crazy and I would like to say never to happen again but I am already signed on for a new deal in February LOL.

I am also signed on to another deal for a side of peaches (another site similar to very jane) for a deal on Jan 4th – I know I know I’m crazy.

This month has been full, full of birthdays, dr visits and holiday cheer. I can’t believe it all almost over.

My little guy has had one heck of a month. He was evaluated for his speech issue, they pointed out his very large tonsils. This sparked a bit of panic in me and a long string of dr visits which ends now with him having them removed on the 30th of this month. He also turned 4!


My birthday was this past weekend and I finished up my 30 RAKs for my 30th birthday…

I packed up a new batch of clothes for kids at school who I know needed it

I brought in a few old coats to a clothing drive

I did the same one the lovely lady who started this whole thing did and read at the Book Store

I bought the ladies in the office and the principal/vice principal their teas last week with my friend Tena

I got a panicked email form a woman who was hoping to have her strap mailed to her early but couldn’t really afford to pay for over night, she was going to print the invoice and just show it to the person  – that near broke my heart so I paid for it to be overnighted for her to ensure she would have it early.

I surprised my daughters class with a snack of cookies and juice – those 2nd graders work so hard!!

I have been donating left and right all I can all over town at salvation army buckets and jars.

And today because they have been so patient and nice to me I plan on bringing a little treat to my post office workers.

30 wasnt so bad – I woke up feeling like I would have aged  5 years overnight but I woke up looking the same. I took a trip down memory lane and found I think i look better than I did 10 years ago. Happier, wiser and little prettier even LOL – thanks to flat irons.

Well today is the first day I don’t have to sew for a deadline and I planned to stay away from my machine but I think I might get a jump on my moms Christmas present LOL…




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That is how I am feeling right now, days are all mashing together!

Daisy & June was featured on VeryJane.com this weekend and it was wildly successful! 272 camera straps were sold and my goodness that is far more than i expected or could have dreamed of! I have already placed an order for emergency fabric and started plugging away at them. I have one batch ready to ship for Thursday 🙂


The Snow Day Add On hit the shop yesterday and I am still looking for that winner from last week!!

its the Add On to Snow day


Now for my recent RAKs I am on RAK #6

Yesterday was a simple one, driving through a very busy shopping center was this woman arms full of boxes and bags waiting to cross and NO ONE would let her into the street. So I had the hubs stop and wave her across, the driver on the opposite side was less than pleased with me but who cares! I mean my goodness she had the right away and her hands were full!

My kid brother comes to town today and is staying with us for 2 days and I couldn’t be happier about it! He’s 21(8years younger than me) and adorable and my kids just love him to pieces. They have no idea he is on his way so its going to be a super surprise!

ok that’s all for now!

xoxo ModernJune


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I hope you are having a great day before Thanksgiving! We had a great day today!

Today were the Thanksgiving feasts at my kids school. It’s a strange thing – to have your house smell like stuffing at 6am but that’s how my day started! I had a lot of work to do for my sons feast as classroom parent so I was so glad my husband was able to join us today and spend a good portion of the morning hanging with Daisy in her class. I was also really thankful that classrooms weren’t that far from each other with all the tag teaming we did back and forth between the two wings.

I mentioned on my Facebook that I was making pie pops and now i have a photo to share 🙂

Lindsey(my besty) I’m sure will have something to say about me snapping a photo pre-clean up but hey this is real life here – I’m not trying to viral on Pinterest just show off a little project LOL…

These ended up being a huge hit and they are slap your face easy so I was sharing the recipe left and right with the other moms.

-Pre made Pie crusts

-Canned Pie Filling

-Lollipop sticks

-Cookie cutters

Unroll your pie crust, cut with cutter of choice, place lollipop stick in bottom layer, spoon a little filling in, cover with another cut shape, fork edges, bake(according to pie crust directions) DONE LOL!

Can you believe how easy???

The kids loved them – I made two turkeys, one for each class. My kids were bragging about me all day – what mom wouldn’t love that?

Here are my boys, stuffing their faces and being silly.

Daisy was so excited to have Daddy sit with her for the feast and her friends were ooing and ahhing over how tall he is…they even dared him to touch the ceiling – which of course he could and did.  Anything to make kids laugh.

A few last things before I leave you today…Don’t forget about my contest this week. You could win the Add On to my latest kit for free – winner to be announced Friday(Check Mondays post to enter).

My RAKs for yesterday and today – I did two today –

– At the Walmart there was this woman who couldn’t get the carts to come undone – I mean really must they always be stuck together??? so we pulled out kids out of ours, grabbed our stuff and offered up our cart to her instead of walking it to the car.

– At the food Lion tonight(can you tell I have been forgetting some last min things for tomorrow?) the woman behind me who had a neck brace on could not lift her basket onto the belt so i offered to do it for her, loaded her stuff on there and offered to carry her groceries to her car 🙂 She was so appreciative and I got a huge smile out of her.  Made my day!

Well have a great day and a fabulous Thanksgiving!

xoxo ModernJune

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This one may not qualify so chime in and tell me what you think….

I live in the middle of nowhere – like really in the woods. Half my neighbors are not all year residents and are only here in the summer. There is this sweet older woman who lives down the road a bit. She has a hound that she walks daily and whenever we run into each other we chat for a good 20 mins.  I know she likes the company. She lost her husband a few years back so I think she might be a bit lonely. 

I saw her walking by yesterday so I ran to the door and asked if she wanted to come over for some coffee. Her face just lit up. She brought Bruce with her(her hound) and we sat in the kitchen for a few hours just chatting the day away. She has led a very interesting life and in the end this RAK benefited both of us in more ways than I thought it would. I realized I needed the conversation too.

When she left she thanked me for the coffee and chat and said how nice it was to get to know another neighbor. We made a nother coffee date for after the holiday 🙂



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Yesterday started my 30 days of Random Acts Of Kindness leading up to my 30th birthday.

I got into a conversation with my girlfriend Tina about it all and how people just are nice anymore. Everyone is in a rush, no time to say thank you, hi there or excuse me. Hopefully this project will spread a little joy around and make people stop and smile for a minute.

I started small yesterday, leaving a few pennies face side up around the school. I actually did get to see a few kids pick them up when we were leaving the school.  That was really cool to see their little faces. Kids think they are the luckiest ever don’t they?

Today I am heading into town, I have a few errands to run so I will be doing something in town.  Hopefully I can snap a photo today too…

 xoxo ModernJune

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A few weeks ago while on Pinterest(don’t some of the best stories start that way?) I came across this womans blog who did something truly inspirational on her birthday!

You can read all about her here. She took her birthday to do 38 random acts of kindness for others.

I have been dreading my big 30 all year-long. An end of an era time thing, it’s almost a bit frightening to me. The thought of checking a new age range box, silly as it sounds, makes me sad.

A few weeks ago I noticed a very small but still there wrinkle under my eye. I texted my mom frantically, I couldn’t believe it – already I thought? She gave me her usual witty text back and we laughed together about getting older but secretly(well not so much now LOL) I was really sad. My husband seems to be getting better looking as he ages – how unfair is that LOL.

I digress, after reading about Robyn and her selfless birthday I decided I was being silly and down right ridiculous. That I should celebrate life and in a fun way.  So I have been compiling a list – a list of random acts of kindness to commit. Now I am pretty busy so to try to do them all in one day will be too difficult for me – towing my 3 kids all over town at their age is a kind of circus act. I am going to start exactly a month before my birthday committing one random act of kindness a day.

I hope you join me on November 18th and every day for the next 30 days after that.

I would love to hear any suggestions of random acts – as mine has a lot of baked goods on the list and I would like to switch it up a bit LOL.



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