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Hello everyone! I am super excited to be hosting the first of quite a few contests/giveaways!

What makes you happy? Is it a warm cup of coffee, a puppy in the park, your kids laughter? This is the subject of today’s post. I think with the hustle and bustle of everyday life we forget to stop and appreciate everything around us.

I myself have 3 kids, 2 businesses and I volunteer at the school. My days are always jammed packed with car rides, sewing, digi, PTO and then every day life too like taking care of my home and nurturing my relationship. I can go days without even realizing how many days has passed.

The first Friday of every month I take a time out and meet my after school group of mommies for breakfast.  I sat around our table at Denny’s today looking at my group of girlfriends, all of us different ages, relationship status’ and amount of children or grand children and thought this…this right here makes me really happy.  We talked about everything from home life to school to town gossip, we laughed til we cried and we toasted our dear friend we lost a little over a month ago.We have forged these tight bonds between us that I do believe will be lasting relationships even as all the kids grow and our lives change.

In this world of online living, where most communication is shared with a click of a button it feels good to actually have some real human contact each month. I have so many things to be grateful for in my life, my family, my kids, my amazing husband whom without I could not survive day to day but this monthly tradition we have is just for me. Its two hours of guilt free time I get to spend on myself and my goodness we all need it don’t we?


So today I pose the question to you….What makes you happy?

Today you are commenting for a chance to win a 50$ Gift Certificate to my shop on Etsy to use on whatever you want INCLUDING a custom order! You can get a few camera straps, a rack of crayon rolls, I make bags and purses too 🙂 Do you have something you are looking for but cant find one you like? Send me a pic and we can work on it together!

To get an entry in this contest simply comment on what makes you happy!

To get an additional entry share this blog post on FB or Twitter!

I can’t wait to read all your wonderful answers – you have til Sunday at Midnight to enter, the winner will be announced Monday morning!






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Head to my Fan Page and click to the exclusive tab to download it!


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and its raining 😦

My kids start school tomorrow and they are pumped up for it!

Red(David) is going into Kindergarten. We held him back from going last year. We thought he was there in terms of knowledge but his maturity level left something to be desired.  He cant wait to go! Daddy however wishes he could stay home forever.

Daisy starts 2nd grade and she is dying to go back. Daisy loves school, when she was 3 she started begging to go to school. It was like her missing link. School just made her a happier kid. I love that she loves school so much and I hope this love affair she has with it will last as long as possible!

I got their bags packed and will be making their lunches tonight. I started leaving Daisy little sticky notes in her lunch when she started kindergarten. Just a little something like I heart you or have a good day. In first grade I started writing longer notes to her, good luck on your spelling test so on…This year I decided to do joke cards in their lunches. David loves jokes and Daisy loves to tell jokes so I think this will be a cute treat for them:)

As a special treat for you I have decided to make them a freebie! (Personal use Only Please)


The pack includes 4 blank cards for you to write(or type) your own jokes on and 8 bonus cards with jokes already on them!

Have your kids started school yet??

xoxo ModernJune

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New Capture 365 products came out today and here is a close up of each pack!

You can mix and match all my pieces with the rest of the Scrapable teams Capture 365 or you can buy my bundle set:

Check out what my CT has done with this set so far…


Stripped paper from Day Dreamer (recolored) – ModernJune
Floral paper from Sweetie Pie by Shabby Miss Jenn


Credits Sweet Novemeber – ModernJune(patterned paper) & Courage, Hope, Strength – Trixie Scraps’s



Maria was kind enough to make her LO into a QP for you all this week!!

You can pick that up here: http://www.4shared.com/photo/aRC7p8C8/captured.html

You can pick all these goodies up in my store or dont forget you can win these goodies – check yesterdays post for details:)

And before I go my Capture 365 January Bundle is on sale this weekend 25% off!

see you soon!

xoxo ModernJune

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I love my CT, I mean L O V E them. Secretly behind their backs I call them the dream team – oops I guess its not so secret now LOL.  Anyway, they are a very talented group of ladies and today my June Girl Kris made a little freebie for you all!

Here is her LO using my January Capture 365 products

and she made it into a gorgeous QP for you!!

You can pick it up here! Make sure to leave her a little thank you either here or at 4shared:) You can check out the rest of Kris’s LO’s here:)

Thanks Kris for sharing your talent!!

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