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Morning peeps,

When I started Daisy & June a while ago I didn’t really know what I was getting into. I just knew I wanted to make stuff. I wanted to be crafty and share my crafts with others. I would send my packages out just wrapped in tissue in a boring yellow envelope. Packaging never really came to mind until one day I ordered fabric from an Etsy shop. It was just a few yards of fabric but the way it was packaged was so impressive and it really changed my entire outlook on the whole concept of packaging.

I tried for the longest time thinking of what would be my perfect packaging. Maybe I over thought it who knows but I have finally picked out and ordered everything needed to make the perfect impression on my customers.

So from now on when an item is ordered from my shop they will be come in a pretty brown envelope(recycled) and wrapped in white tissue. Each item is wrapped with these gorgeous twine strings…

And each package has this adorable thank you note attached to it….

Cute right? I found some other cute things for packaging,  I thought I would share some of my favorites…


A Little Giveaway Business.

The winner from the kitty cats and airplanes giveaway is…


Please email me at daisyandjuneshoppe@gmail.com for your prize info.


Ok peeps, Have a great Sunday!



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Morning everyone! Busy busy today working on the final stretch of Very Jan today but I wanted to post real quick about real friends.

I’m sure you have friends, friends of different levels. The friend that makes you laugh, the one who gives the best advice or the one who is your go to party planner. My circle of friends is tight knit. We have a baker, a giver, a gossip, a comedian, and a mother hen…we are all completely different but yet each day we keep each other company and make each other laugh and care for each other.

One of the friends in my circle has really become my closest friend period. She is the giver. She is a true good soul. She constantly worries about others – people she doesn’t even know and blesses their lives with her happiness and generosity. She doesn’t ever ask for anything in return even though she deserves it. She loves freely and openly and is a truly positive person. She is the kind of person who uses what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger as her daily motto.

I love this woman. Being friends with her has really brightened my life. We are from such different places in life. Yet being friends with her comes so naturally.

Just this week she saved the day twice for me and this morning called me at 9am to ask me Daisy’s shirt size cause she was out at a yard sale LOL. A while back I bought her this necklace, a gorgeous birds nest with a single egg(she has one child), thinking back on it now I wish I had gotten her one with a pile of eggs as she treats all of us as her family and cares for all of our kids like they are her own. My children love her so much and they can’t go a day without asking if we are going to see her.

Today I am grateful. Grateful to have a friend like her in my life. Her positivity keeps me going through the most stressful of days. I hope everyone is blessed to have a friend like her in their lives. If you do have a friend like this, make sure you tell them how much you appreciate everything they bring to your life! Friends like this are far and few in between and should be cherished!

Ok peeps that’s my peace on good friends!

Now don’t forget about our weekend giveaway from kitty cats and airplanes You have till today at 10pm CST to enter! Enter here


and as an added bonus I am going to give a 25$ gift certificate to my shop Daisy & June Good for a custom order 🙂

You have till Tomorrow night at 10pm CST to enter to win that.


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Have a great Saturday!





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I feel like I have been sleep walking for the last two weeks.

I finished all my camera straps for the Very jane deal and shipped them off last weekend and yesterday! I still can’t believe I got about 300 hundred done in 2 weeks – 150 in one weekend. It was a rush and crazy and I would like to say never to happen again but I am already signed on for a new deal in February LOL.

I am also signed on to another deal for a side of peaches (another site similar to very jane) for a deal on Jan 4th – I know I know I’m crazy.

This month has been full, full of birthdays, dr visits and holiday cheer. I can’t believe it all almost over.

My little guy has had one heck of a month. He was evaluated for his speech issue, they pointed out his very large tonsils. This sparked a bit of panic in me and a long string of dr visits which ends now with him having them removed on the 30th of this month. He also turned 4!


My birthday was this past weekend and I finished up my 30 RAKs for my 30th birthday…

I packed up a new batch of clothes for kids at school who I know needed it

I brought in a few old coats to a clothing drive

I did the same one the lovely lady who started this whole thing did and read at the Book Store

I bought the ladies in the office and the principal/vice principal their teas last week with my friend Tena

I got a panicked email form a woman who was hoping to have her strap mailed to her early but couldn’t really afford to pay for over night, she was going to print the invoice and just show it to the person  – that near broke my heart so I paid for it to be overnighted for her to ensure she would have it early.

I surprised my daughters class with a snack of cookies and juice – those 2nd graders work so hard!!

I have been donating left and right all I can all over town at salvation army buckets and jars.

And today because they have been so patient and nice to me I plan on bringing a little treat to my post office workers.

30 wasnt so bad – I woke up feeling like I would have aged  5 years overnight but I woke up looking the same. I took a trip down memory lane and found I think i look better than I did 10 years ago. Happier, wiser and little prettier even LOL – thanks to flat irons.

Well today is the first day I don’t have to sew for a deadline and I planned to stay away from my machine but I think I might get a jump on my moms Christmas present LOL…




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Everyday feels the longer than the last LOL. Sewing, scrapping, mothering its all been piling up!

I have a new kit in the shop today!

Dear Santa!

Aint that cute??


K and for my RAKS

#10 – this one was a bit personal as it was for my kids, they have been such troopers for me lately so I surprised them by taking them out to dinner and a movie – I told them we were going to the store LOL. They got popcorn and candy and they were just so plum happy!

#11 – I made sure to pay the school librarian a special compliment the other day. David came home raving about a lesson she taught so the next day I stopped by to thank her for the lesson and she was so pleased. I could tell she didn’t hear that very often. I made her day and that made me feel amazing!

#12 – the kids and I dropped a toy into the Toys for Tots been the night of our impromptu movie night.

#13 – also my kids – I gave them each a handful of change to drop in the Salvation Army bucket at the store.


Thats it for now!!


xoxo ModernJune

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This year is flying by!! My youngest is going to be four in a few weeks and I will be 30! Just a crazy time of year.  I’m going to keep it short and sweet today since I am sewing my butt off!


RAK # 7 took a grocery cart that was blocking the handicapped space up to the front so this woman could park.

RAK # 8 Bought a Food Box for the local food pantry

RAK # 9 took my soon for blueberry muffin Friday and while there bought the coffee the guy behind me ordered in the drive through.


Ok thats all for now!!




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That is how I am feeling right now, days are all mashing together!

Daisy & June was featured on VeryJane.com this weekend and it was wildly successful! 272 camera straps were sold and my goodness that is far more than i expected or could have dreamed of! I have already placed an order for emergency fabric and started plugging away at them. I have one batch ready to ship for Thursday 🙂


The Snow Day Add On hit the shop yesterday and I am still looking for that winner from last week!!

its the Add On to Snow day


Now for my recent RAKs I am on RAK #6

Yesterday was a simple one, driving through a very busy shopping center was this woman arms full of boxes and bags waiting to cross and NO ONE would let her into the street. So I had the hubs stop and wave her across, the driver on the opposite side was less than pleased with me but who cares! I mean my goodness she had the right away and her hands were full!

My kid brother comes to town today and is staying with us for 2 days and I couldn’t be happier about it! He’s 21(8years younger than me) and adorable and my kids just love him to pieces. They have no idea he is on his way so its going to be a super surprise!

ok that’s all for now!

xoxo ModernJune


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I hope you are having a great day before Thanksgiving! We had a great day today!

Today were the Thanksgiving feasts at my kids school. It’s a strange thing – to have your house smell like stuffing at 6am but that’s how my day started! I had a lot of work to do for my sons feast as classroom parent so I was so glad my husband was able to join us today and spend a good portion of the morning hanging with Daisy in her class. I was also really thankful that classrooms weren’t that far from each other with all the tag teaming we did back and forth between the two wings.

I mentioned on my Facebook that I was making pie pops and now i have a photo to share 🙂

Lindsey(my besty) I’m sure will have something to say about me snapping a photo pre-clean up but hey this is real life here – I’m not trying to viral on Pinterest just show off a little project LOL…

These ended up being a huge hit and they are slap your face easy so I was sharing the recipe left and right with the other moms.

-Pre made Pie crusts

-Canned Pie Filling

-Lollipop sticks

-Cookie cutters

Unroll your pie crust, cut with cutter of choice, place lollipop stick in bottom layer, spoon a little filling in, cover with another cut shape, fork edges, bake(according to pie crust directions) DONE LOL!

Can you believe how easy???

The kids loved them – I made two turkeys, one for each class. My kids were bragging about me all day – what mom wouldn’t love that?

Here are my boys, stuffing their faces and being silly.

Daisy was so excited to have Daddy sit with her for the feast and her friends were ooing and ahhing over how tall he is…they even dared him to touch the ceiling – which of course he could and did.  Anything to make kids laugh.

A few last things before I leave you today…Don’t forget about my contest this week. You could win the Add On to my latest kit for free – winner to be announced Friday(Check Mondays post to enter).

My RAKs for yesterday and today – I did two today –

– At the Walmart there was this woman who couldn’t get the carts to come undone – I mean really must they always be stuck together??? so we pulled out kids out of ours, grabbed our stuff and offered up our cart to her instead of walking it to the car.

– At the food Lion tonight(can you tell I have been forgetting some last min things for tomorrow?) the woman behind me who had a neck brace on could not lift her basket onto the belt so i offered to do it for her, loaded her stuff on there and offered to carry her groceries to her car 🙂 She was so appreciative and I got a huge smile out of her.  Made my day!

Well have a great day and a fabulous Thanksgiving!

xoxo ModernJune

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