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Morning everyone! Busy busy today working on the final stretch of Very Jan today but I wanted to post real quick about real friends.

I’m sure you have friends, friends of different levels. The friend that makes you laugh, the one who gives the best advice or the one who is your go to party planner. My circle of friends is tight knit. We have a baker, a giver, a gossip, a comedian, and a mother hen…we are all completely different but yet each day we keep each other company and make each other laugh and care for each other.

One of the friends in my circle has really become my closest friend period. She is the giver. She is a true good soul. She constantly worries about others – people she doesn’t even know and blesses their lives with her happiness and generosity. She doesn’t ever ask for anything in return even though she deserves it. She loves freely and openly and is a truly positive person. She is the kind of person who uses what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger as her daily motto.

I love this woman. Being friends with her has really brightened my life. We are from such different places in life. Yet being friends with her comes so naturally.

Just this week she saved the day twice for me and this morning called me at 9am to ask me Daisy’s shirt size cause she was out at a yard sale LOL. A while back I bought her this necklace, a gorgeous birds nest with a single egg(she has one child), thinking back on it now I wish I had gotten her one with a pile of eggs as she treats all of us as her family and cares for all of our kids like they are her own. My children love her so much and they can’t go a day without asking if we are going to see her.

Today I am grateful. Grateful to have a friend like her in my life. Her positivity keeps me going through the most stressful of days. I hope everyone is blessed to have a friend like her in their lives. If you do have a friend like this, make sure you tell them how much you appreciate everything they bring to your life! Friends like this are far and few in between and should be cherished!

Ok peeps that’s my peace on good friends!

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Have a great Saturday!





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a few days ok a week late.

Its been a long few weeks in our house. Dr appointments, holidays and lack of sleep have made my head spin! Things are finally starting to settle back down – the kids are back in school tomorrow which I cant wait for cause my house needs a good scrubbing.  If you have children you know trying to clean when they are home is like shoveling snow in a snow storm.

Our Christmas was quiet and small but we needed it like that.

First things first…Why I gave my kids coal on Christmas….

I’ll admit I wanted to teach my kids a lesson – a big lesson. 2011 was a year full of struggles between my kids and myself. Bickering took over laughter, toys because weapons of destruction and time outs became the new hug. It was a rough year. We did a toy purge in the summer, dropping the kids down to one container of toys each and donating the salvageable ones while trashing the rest.  That did help a bit, a very little bit. We forced them to use their imaginations and play together. For most days it worked but as a whole it was still an uphill battle.

Come October I kept hearing a familiar phrase from the mouths of my munchkins…”you better be good Santa is watching”. It was really irritating me to be honest…like how come you aren’t good for mommy? What about be good for mommy?? LOL…I was jealous – of a fictional fat guy who I would be playing come Christmas time. That’s when I decided to teach my kids a lesson.

We knew we were going to buy our kids each a bike, the bikes and helmets were going to eat up the Christmas budget so I figured this would be the perfect year for this lesson.  I started planting the seeds….”I talked to Santa and he told me you guys are on the maybe list!”, “you better be careful that bickering could land you on the naughty list”. It was working but not really the kids were calling my bluff. Right up until the day before Christmas they were pushing the limits, fighting with each other and really just being naughty!

Have you heard of PNP? Its a website where you can have Santa record a video for your child and they find out if they are on the naughty or the nice list. I did it last year and all the kids were on the nice list but this year I decided that I needed to follow through with my lesson. So I made each video and selected Naughty. Now before I start getting angry emails let me point out that the naughty video isn’t that bad. Santa gives them hope, tells them they still have time and he never actually tells them they were naughty just that they hadn’t reached the nice list yet.

Well this is where I started to feel like the worst mom in the world. I called the kids one by one into my office and played their messages from Santa. There were tears and looks of fright but it really sealed the lesson in place. I asked them once the video was over why they thought they weren’t on the nice list yet, what they could do to get there and if they were going to do it.  They were upset, I can’t sugar coat it but lessons in life aren’t always fun right?

Christmas Eve I made the coal…now because we decided the kids were going to be on the maybe list or the sort of nice list I made them rice krispie coal treats. I explained to them the next day that the naughty kids get real coal.

When they came out Christmas morning and saw the Santa tracks(my husband’s boot prints in flour and glitter) they were thrilled. They followed the tracks to the bikes and squeals let out.

Then the panic set in.

They were searching the house for more gifts. They followed the tracks to the plate of cookies and found a second plate of coal. They all looked to us and Daddy pulled out his phone and read the kids an email Santa sent him that morning(really from me).

This is what it said:

Daisy, David & Deacon,

You just made it on the sort of nice list. I want you to think hard about the things your mommy & daddy

have been asking you to do.

Daisy, I count on you just like your parents to be a good girl and set a great example

for your brothers. I know you can do it Daisy!

David, you really need to work on being that great boy at home the way you

are with your friends and your teachers. I know you want to be good and I know you

can do it!

Deacon, I need you to work super hard on not throwing fits for mommy and daddy,

you have such a great smile and that is what I want to see all this year!

If you three can work on being nice to each other and nice to your parents then next

year you will be on the nice list for sure!

Enjoy your bikes and enjoy playing together because family is whats most important!

xoxo Santa

See not too bad…

The kids were so grateful they got anything at all there weren’t even any tears over not getting more gifts and since then my kids have been so nice to each other and the bickering has gone from a 10 to a 2.

So that’s why I gave my kids coal on Christmas.

xoxo ModernJune

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