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Everyday feels the longer than the last LOL. Sewing, scrapping, mothering its all been piling up!

I have a new kit in the shop today!

Dear Santa!

Aint that cute??


K and for my RAKS

#10 – this one was a bit personal as it was for my kids, they have been such troopers for me lately so I surprised them by taking them out to dinner and a movie – I told them we were going to the store LOL. They got popcorn and candy and they were just so plum happy!

#11 – I made sure to pay the school librarian a special compliment the other day. David came home raving about a lesson she taught so the next day I stopped by to thank her for the lesson and she was so pleased. I could tell she didn’t hear that very often. I made her day and that made me feel amazing!

#12 – the kids and I dropped a toy into the Toys for Tots been the night of our impromptu movie night.

#13 – also my kids – I gave them each a handful of change to drop in the Salvation Army bucket at the store.


Thats it for now!!


xoxo ModernJune

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That is how I am feeling right now, days are all mashing together!

Daisy & June was featured on VeryJane.com this weekend and it was wildly successful! 272 camera straps were sold and my goodness that is far more than i expected or could have dreamed of! I have already placed an order for emergency fabric and started plugging away at them. I have one batch ready to ship for Thursday 🙂


The Snow Day Add On hit the shop yesterday and I am still looking for that winner from last week!!

its the Add On to Snow day


Now for my recent RAKs I am on RAK #6

Yesterday was a simple one, driving through a very busy shopping center was this woman arms full of boxes and bags waiting to cross and NO ONE would let her into the street. So I had the hubs stop and wave her across, the driver on the opposite side was less than pleased with me but who cares! I mean my goodness she had the right away and her hands were full!

My kid brother comes to town today and is staying with us for 2 days and I couldn’t be happier about it! He’s 21(8years younger than me) and adorable and my kids just love him to pieces. They have no idea he is on his way so its going to be a super surprise!

ok that’s all for now!

xoxo ModernJune


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Good Morning everyone!

I wanted to announce the winner of my Snow Day contest last night but I FELL ASLEEP LOL. I guess a weeks worth of up till 1am finally did me in I was out like a light by 9 last night – pretty sad.

So first things first the winner of the Snow Day Add On is….

Mandy Davis

Mandy I will be emailing you a link to the direct download of the Snow Day Add On. So if you could drop me your email in the comments or email me at modernjune@aol.com that would be great!  Thanks so much for playing along on this super busy week!

a little digi business….

Did you know I am having a huge sale this weekend??? A Get What You Spend Weekend???? You heard right all weekend long through Monday whatever you spend in my shop you will get back via coupons! All coupons will be mailed out after Monday and valid after December 1. And today is the SOS sale – the best sale of the month where you can get all my goodies for 1 dollar and only for 1 day!! So get in there and shop it up!


last but not least some Daisy & June business…

Today is my Very Jane deal and its going great! I am so excited to be doing this and I cant wait to start sending out orders!!! 

You can see my deal at VeryJane.com and it will last for the next 3 days.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

xoxo ModernJune

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Whew what a weekend I had! Friday night my best friend came to see me with her darling new boyfriend. I haven’t seen her in over a year so there were tears and lots of hugs.  We sat around till almost 1 am talking, drinking and laughing. Oh goodness we laughed for hours my cheeks hurt the next day. It was so lovely to see her 🙂

Saturday I finished a new digi kit and the final strap for my Very Jane order.  Whats Very Jane you ask??  Oh its just this super awesome daily deal site that offers deliciousness everyday at amazing prices. On November 26th Daisy & June will be featured on there for my camera straps. I am beyond excited for this!

Speaking of Daisy & June, I will be launching this week so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Sunday I had some classroom parent things to take care of. Making a food drive box for the class and finished up a sorting project for my sons teacher. I am pretty proud of myself juggling all those things in one weekend but boy am I beat today!

I also have Day 3 of my 30 Days of RAK to tell you about.  For Sunday(Day 3) I made up a batch of snicker doodle cookies and this morning I pack up a few and took them into the lady at the front desk of the school. This lady hears it all, when parents are grouchy, irritated or frustrated she gets an earful…she handles the kids, the teachers and the parents and I rarely hear anyone thank her.  I was waiting in line to check out via Lock Guard and she was walking into the school. She says to me – “checking out?” I say yes and she says “here I will take your sticker and sign you out so you don’t have to wait  in line” – she didn’t even have her coat off and here she was trying to make my day better!  So I said “great, thank you!” handed her the container and  told her, they were for her. Her jaw dropped and she blushed and I said “you have a great day! See you this afternoon at pick up!”

I know for a fact I made her day little better and I also can not think of a person more deserving of a little cheer 🙂

Now for a little digi business…

I have a new kit out today – Snow Day – you can get Snow Day for 20% off all this week!

as a special treat I am going to give you the opportunity to win the Add On – coming out next week) for free this week BEFORE it even hits the shop!

Leave a comment telling me what you love to do on a Snowy Day and you could win! Its that simple!! Want to increase your odds? Share this post on FB to get an additional entry!

The winner will be announced on Friday so subscribe to my blog so you dont miss the winner announcement! Good Luck!

xoxo ModernJune

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I have a new collab in the shop today!! Miss Mis and I teamed up again and are proud to bring you…Super Pow!

Its 20% off all week long!

Check out some of the goreous LO’s from the June Girls and the Scrap A Belles






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I have a new kit coming out Friday with one of my favorite designers to team up with…Miss Mis designs. I don’t know what it is about working with Misty but we can pick a theme and then not talk for a few days and come up with a great kit that is super cohesive. I am absolutely loving our new collab coming out Friday the 9th!


Here is a little Sneak Peek for you….

Remember to look for it in the shop on Friday and you can snag for 1 week at 20% off!


xoxo modernJune

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Today is the Scrapable SOS sale! Which means you can get goodies for a buck!

Today you will find my latest products all on sale for 1 dollar each but it only last for 1 day so scoot in and grab what you can!

Here’s a peek at just some of my products in the sale today:

Happy Shopping!

xoxo ModernJune

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