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Hello everyone! I am super excited to be hosting the first of quite a few contests/giveaways!

What makes you happy? Is it a warm cup of coffee, a puppy in the park, your kids laughter? This is the subject of today’s post. I think with the hustle and bustle of everyday life we forget to stop and appreciate everything around us.

I myself have 3 kids, 2 businesses and I volunteer at the school. My days are always jammed packed with car rides, sewing, digi, PTO and then every day life too like taking care of my home and nurturing my relationship. I can go days without even realizing how many days has passed.

The first Friday of every month I take a time out and meet my after school group of mommies for breakfast.  I sat around our table at Denny’s today looking at my group of girlfriends, all of us different ages, relationship status’ and amount of children or grand children and thought this…this right here makes me really happy.  We talked about everything from home life to school to town gossip, we laughed til we cried and we toasted our dear friend we lost a little over a month ago.We have forged these tight bonds between us that I do believe will be lasting relationships even as all the kids grow and our lives change.

In this world of online living, where most communication is shared with a click of a button it feels good to actually have some real human contact each month. I have so many things to be grateful for in my life, my family, my kids, my amazing husband whom without I could not survive day to day but this monthly tradition we have is just for me. Its two hours of guilt free time I get to spend on myself and my goodness we all need it don’t we?


So today I pose the question to you….What makes you happy?

Today you are commenting for a chance to win a 50$ Gift Certificate to my shop on Etsy to use on whatever you want INCLUDING a custom order! You can get a few camera straps, a rack of crayon rolls, I make bags and purses too 🙂 Do you have something you are looking for but cant find one you like? Send me a pic and we can work on it together!

To get an entry in this contest simply comment on what makes you happy!

To get an additional entry share this blog post on FB or Twitter!

I can’t wait to read all your wonderful answers – you have til Sunday at Midnight to enter, the winner will be announced Monday morning!






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I really wanted to do something fun this year! Of course Pinterest gave me the idea and then I expanded on it a bit…

each photo will have a mustache or lips attached to them. I did mustaches for boys and lips for girls.




and then their valentines together for teachers and family

I loved how they came out and I can’t wait to post the finished product with the props attached!

See you later peeps!

xoxo ModernJune

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I love fabric…like a lot. Like so much I spent 180 bucks yesterday on fabric for new Daisy & June items. Yeah I know bad baaaad June. Cant you blame me though? My favorite shop is Hawthorne Threads. This shop is so chic and they offer great prices, new designers and some other really great shopping tricks. For example you can find a fabric you like and with a click it will show you a whole bunch of fabric that coordinate with the one you originally liked! How great is that?

So here are a few things I bought for my kids line in Daisy and June:

Fabric: Patty Sloniger, Backyard Baby

Fabric: Patty Sloniger, Bella Butterfly

Fabric: Ann Kelle, Urban Zoologie

Fabric: Ann Kelle, Remix

Fabric: Dear Stella House Designer, JAdore Stella

Keep an eye out for what goodies come of these fabrics! If you want to see more of my fabric obsession you can check out my fabric board on Pinterest!

See you later peeps!

xoxo ModernJune

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So I am usually a pretty happy go lucky person but yesterday I had a day of it! I am rushing all around getting my kiddos out the door for school, start the car and grab coats, mittens, hats the whole nine. I shut the door and like a lightening bolt it hit me…crap I  just locked my house keys in the house.

How did I manage that you ask? Well it goes like this…Bessy my beloved beater of a van broke down this past week. So I have been driving my old Montero. Day before yesterday the hubs started the car for me and when I went to leave, the doors were all still frozen shut so I took the house keys off and took the kids back inside forgetting to put the keys back together later.

I call the hubs who is knee deep counting inventory at his restaurant and who I knew couldn’t possibly drive an hour to get my keys, but who could talk off my ledge. Well he missed that cue which cause me to snap at him which he completely didn’t deserve. So then I call my land lady who graciously agreed to meet me in town.  Of course today was a day I told my big kids they could buy breakfast at school which at this point they have now missed. And because you know my day wasn’t stellar enough I had on yoga pants, uggs, a tank and black boho sweater…it may sound cute but its not LOL especially paired with no make up and a hay stack for hair.

I start driving and the truck stalls on me…TWICE. I call the hubs again and again I snapped…poor guy(don’t worry I apologized). I get into town and head to the bank for money since I will now need to stop at burger king and get my kids breakfast – I know bad mommy.

I live in a small town – like super small, but I am fairly new so I didn’t think I would really run into anyone and had my fingers crossed NO ONE would see me in the state I was in! So of course I would run into my friend Tena at the bank drive through – OF COURSE. She gave me this look like girl what happened to you LOL. After chatting in the bank drive through – yeah that kind of town…I headed off to meet the land lady who also has never seen me like this and almost didn’t recognize me – not sure what that says about my normal look?

Finally get home to find that the dog grew more and more mad that I was gone longer than normal and decided to take it out on me by peeing all over my floors…awesome – thanks Roo!

Did I forget to mention my kids never even made it to school? In my frantic state I almost missed that their head colds had turned into fevers. So all four of us headed home for a day of couch lounging and tissues.

They are still sick today, poor kids I swear if it goes through school it comes to my house.

Right now all three are sleeping – can you believe it? Now that I have said it I am sure they will wake any second but it was good while it lasted right?

A little side note…had to snap this pic of Deacon today, how could you not love this face?

ok yesterday in all of that craziness I did manage to make a cute Valentines Day shirt for Daisy.

quick note I used a lighter jersey knit fabric for this instead of the one pictured.

This project cost me – well nothing – I had everything in house.

I used my cookie cutter to make the hearts. Cut them out and then used a gathering technique to scrunch the pink fabric.

Sewed it onto the white shirt and BAM – Valentines Shirt DONE!


I am going to get her a little skirt this week if I don’t have enough fabric to make one. She loves it and so do I!


see you later peeps

xoxo ModernJune


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I have been wanting to make a new wreath for a while so of course I went to my go to craft site…Pinterest!

I found this cute tut for a burlap wreath

I love it but it was a little too clean for what I was going for. I took my burlap and let it fray to its liking, then wrapped it in folds around my hanger.I put a few dots of hot glue through to make sure it doesn’t slide down the hanger over time.

Then using a simple rolled flower technique I made a few out of the fabric I have been using for Valentines day.

And viola! Done…

I am very happy with how it came out!

xoxo ModernJune

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I have been working on a few pillows for my couch as part of my Valentines Day decor.


Here are the pillows I made this weekend…you can find the tutorials on my Pinterest Board for Valentines Day


and movie recommendation real quick before I go…


What a great movie! I will admit I picked it for the story line…kid gives mom a hard time mom gets abducted by aliens LOL…but in truth it was a really funny and sweet movie. All three of my kids loved it(7,6 and 4).


ok peeps see you later!


xoxo ModernJune

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I have already started my Valentines Day decorating just to ensure I get it all done!

I made this Valentines Day burlap banner for my fireplace


In this wire next i usually have teal, brown and green yarn balls but for V-day I made 3 small heart pillows one for each kid.


I have a few more projects up my sleeve I will keep posting them 🙂


xoxo ModernJune


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