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You get up in the morning, rush around for 30 mins, shuffle the kids to school, hit the bank, the post office and then the grocery store. You get home, unload everything start the laundry, let the dog out. You check your email you get your work done, finish the housework – at this point you feel like a super star. You can literally hear your super hero cape blowing int he wind.  You head to the school to pick up your kids and see that your adorable son has his shirt on backwards and he has had it that way ALL day.

*hand smacks head*

This is the story of my life. I try to do it all. I try to hold down to businesses, I take care of my kids the best I can, love my husband with my whole heart and take care of myself but things fall through the cracks.I try to deny that I can’t do it all. Its a simple solution of time management right?


As women I think we all feel the pressure to be it all. We are constantly faced with criticism, they way we raise our kids, or live our lives are always under a microscope. You don’t hear of men being beat up on themselves that way very often. The saddest part of it all – its usually women who beat up on women. Whats up with that ladies??? Why do we put each other down like that? Why can’t we begin to pick each other up on a daily basis?

Well that battle has been long standing and probably will for a long time. So lets start small. Lets start on the individual basis with this simple reminder…


and that is OK! Stop putting so much pressure on yourselves to be perfect.Why do that to yourself?

Today I am hosting a little giveaway!

I bought a special art print just for this day.

This gorgeous chalkboard 8x 10 print can be yours! Simply reply to this post pledging to yourself “You can do anything but not everything” and list one way you are going to cut yourself a little slack today and everyday 🙂

You have till tomorrow at 9pm CST to enter.

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Good Luck & Love Thyself!



*You can find that art print and more gorgeous prints here*

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