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Morning morning everyone!

The winner form this past weekends contest is all the end of this post but pause for the cause and hang with me a bit today.

You know me as ModernJune, digital designer, sewing married mamma of 3. Here’s the thing when I look at my life from the outside its pretty freaking awesome. I am an entrepreneur. a mother, an active member of my community. My kids are pretty kick butt and my husband rocks my socks off.   I consider myself to be decent looking, especially for my age and with three kids. I’m completely crazy at times, I have a completely loud and contagious laugh, I am a lover of anything vintage, I am outspoken and strong willed and I usually don’t back down. I love all things crafty and pretty. I easy get distracted by sparkly things. I can hold a grudge with the best of them and I am a giver.   I am usually extremely confidant and don’t let things bog me down too much. *usually*

When I sat down to really think about this blog post I felt a rush of fear. Sharing what I consider to be a flaw within myself is terrifying. When I finally decided on my “flaw” I almost chickened out completely. There is really only one thing I really beat myself up over. Its a stupid thing, a physical thing a thing most women especially mother deal with. I haven’t been the first to frown at myself in the mirror when I see them and I know I wont be the last.

These things I speak of?? My stretch marks, battle wounds, baby tracks, my tiger stripes, you know what I’m talking about. These faded pink lines that completely cover my stomach, inner thighs hips and even my breasts are the sour note of my morning routine. I can wake up feeling awesome and then I hop out a shower spy them in the mirror and completely deflate myself.

I just recently started wearing shorts again, it had been 6 years since I had worn them. My hubs says I’m crazy and I’m sure he’s right – that there aren’t people on the corner whispering about them but I can’t help myself. I think what has bothered me the most about them is my inability to change them. They aren’t weight you can lose, a zit you can cover…they are these forever things. My body has never been a huge issue for me. When I was 12 and all my friends got boobs, I got wide hips and a booty. I have always been a thick girl with curves and I’m good with that. that I can work – these I can’t. And can we all agree we think its crap that the more baby weight you lose the worse they look over time??? That was quite the kick in the head for me when I shed my 70 pounds of baby only to find with each inch of loss they looked worse and worse.

Well no more for me. I have decided to let go of my memories of my gorgeous flat tummy and pierced belly button. Hell my belly button has been long gone LOL.

So today I pledge to myself and my tiger stripes to

I hope I can encourage some of you to also own your stripes and pledge to love thyself.

Thank you to everyone who played along this weekend! Reading what makes you all happy really made me smile! I am so excited to get know so many of you all this month! The random winner of the 50$ Gift Certificate to my shop – Daisy & June is…


My 2 year old won’t stay in his toddler bed so we had to put a child lock on the door knob on the inside of his door. Whenever he wakes up in the morning or from nap he walks to the door and knocks. He doesn’t cry he just waits and sometimes knocks again if I don’t get there quick enough. It makes me smile every time I hear that sweet little knock. He always has the sweetest smile when I open the door. Love my kids and all the smiles they bring to my day.

Congrats hun! Message me at daisyandjuneshoppe@gmail.com so we can discuss what you are going to treat yourself to!

xoxo ModernJune

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You ever have one of those weeks where it feels like its crawling till one day it feels like where did this week go? Confused? Yeah that’s me this week.


Deacon started his speech therapy this week which has been amazing! My little man in his backpack is just a sight to melt your heart. He loved his teachers – “The Julies” and they love him too so it makes it real easy for me to leave him there. I have um trust issues. An added benefit to his therapy is that its at the elementary school where my older children attend. While he is getting his stuff done I am over in the library helping out.


Who knew such a simple thing as volunteering would lead to a huge pot of drama in my week. A while back I found out at a PTO meeting that our book fair funds were going directly to the PTO bank account instead of our library – I was a little shocked by this as I had never heard of it done this way. After talking with the librarian she told me she has been wanting to ask for the book fair to go to the library at least one out of the two – completely got shot down at the last meeting.

I sort of took on this book fair issue as my own personal crusade for a few reasons. One it just makes sense to me at least – book fairs – books – library….right? Then after being in the library I have noticed how old and worn the books are. A lot of the books are at least 15 years old and the covers are sort of boring. The newer books are not available without funding and well we don’t have any. Our funds are frozen right now so the book fair is the only shot our school can get new books.

So I went to the last meeting and the issue came up and I sort of went all in. Ok I really went all in and fought for what I believed to be right.  The “board” so to speak threw a few reasons at me as to why they didn’t want to give it up and I debunked each of them. I lucked out this meeting as there were far more parents than teachers and they all seemed to rally the idea.  One teacher asked for a vote and to my complete disbelief we won! At that point not only did they vote to give her the book fair this time they decided they wanted nothing more to do with it and she could have it from now on – that part seemed a bit strange to me but whatever –  I got what I came for right LOl?  Now at the time I was all high on myself and floating on air thinking this was going to be great! I cam in the next day and told the librarian and we celebrated a little and I got together a group of volunteers to help me that week.

Then I got the call – cue the DUN DUN DUUUNNNN LOL. I have mentioned before that I live in a small town – super small. I had not experienced how small until this past week after my little PTO victory. A friend of mine called me to give me a warning. Apparently I had stepped on peoples toes and they were not pleased! I felt like they were accusing me of stealing from them or something. Like I busted in on some private meeting and now I was going to get a time out. I didn’t much care. I knew what I had done would benefit the entire school from this point on and whatever heat I would get from the elite mommies I would take with pride.  The showdown hasn’t happened yet but I’m sure it will come. Maybe at the next meeting 😉

I feel like PTO has forgotten what its purpose is…to bridge a gap between teachers and parents for the good of our children. Right now it feels like a gated community and I am on the outside… not for long though – one thing I know how to do is stand my ground. I didn’t have this experience at my kids old school. They were all so nice and welcoming and everyone worked together. Strange how a smaller community feels more shut out than a larger one.

Anyway that was my little adventure this week. Hope you all are having a good one!


xoxo ModernJune



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