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It’s Halloween time in the ModernJune house and that mean costumes! Every year we go through the same thing…the kids change their minds on what they want to be about 100 times before we finally pick something at the store last min. I end up spending way too much on a costume no one is really happy with. This year I set out to change that. I wanted to make the Halloween costumes myself this year.  I am pleased to say that I actually accomplished this! The kids love their costumes and we are pretty happy with them too.

I decided to go with something that would be wearable long after Halloween and warm for the weather. Solution: Hoodie costumes. I saw these on Martha last year and loved them but I just didn’t have the guts to try them. – YET

So first up…

Little Red Riding Hood – Total Cost 26 bucks

I got the hoodie from Target and the lace frill from the Walmart and the basket from Michaels. She already had the shorts and I got the shirt off clearance and made the skirt from a 4th of July dress off the clearance rack too. A few quick stitches and it was done. Now as I said I followed the Martha Stewart tutorial but I altered it to be more versatile.

Next up…The Big Bad Wolf – Total Cost 9.88

This one was really fun and super easy. I got the hoodie from Target and the felt from the Walmart. I followed the Martha Stewart Tutorial again changing a few things to get the look I wanted. I added fluff inside the ears and sewed everything on instead of fabric glue.

Last but not least my little Dinosaur…I am calling him a cutie-a-saur…Total Cost 10.32

Hoodie from Target, felt from Walmart. This one was the most time-consuming but I love it so much I might make another for David. I found a tutorial on Pinterest and loosely followed it. I changed the shape of the spikes and added eyes claws and teeth.

That’s it! Now my kiddos will be super cute and super cozy trick or treating! I had a lot of fun with these I hoped you enjoyed them too!

xoxo ModernJune

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