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Morning everyone! Busy busy today working on the final stretch of Very Jan today but I wanted to post real quick about real friends.

I’m sure you have friends, friends of different levels. The friend that makes you laugh, the one who gives the best advice or the one who is your go to party planner. My circle of friends is tight knit. We have a baker, a giver, a gossip, a comedian, and a mother hen…we are all completely different but yet each day we keep each other company and make each other laugh and care for each other.

One of the friends in my circle has really become my closest friend period. She is the giver. She is a true good soul. She constantly worries about others – people she doesn’t even know and blesses their lives with her happiness and generosity. She doesn’t ever ask for anything in return even though she deserves it. She loves freely and openly and is a truly positive person. She is the kind of person who uses what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger as her daily motto.

I love this woman. Being friends with her has really brightened my life. We are from such different places in life. Yet being friends with her comes so naturally.

Just this week she saved the day twice for me and this morning called me at 9am to ask me Daisy’s shirt size cause she was out at a yard sale LOL. A while back I bought her this necklace, a gorgeous birds nest with a single egg(she has one child), thinking back on it now I wish I had gotten her one with a pile of eggs as she treats all of us as her family and cares for all of our kids like they are her own. My children love her so much and they can’t go a day without asking if we are going to see her.

Today I am grateful. Grateful to have a friend like her in my life. Her positivity keeps me going through the most stressful of days. I hope everyone is blessed to have a friend like her in their lives. If you do have a friend like this, make sure you tell them how much you appreciate everything they bring to your life! Friends like this are far and few in between and should be cherished!

Ok peeps that’s my peace on good friends!

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Have a great Saturday!





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Hey everyone!

I have been getting emails lately from my customers asking about Daisy & June, how many people work with me, who are Daisy and & June, how long does it take to make an item. I love getting these emails because I love connecting with all of you! So keep writing me! I am going to try to do little posts every few weeks answering questions and posting pics on Daisy & June – Behind the Seams! So send me your questions or comments, I would love to feature you!


As for who are Daisy & June….you can find all my company info under the Daisy & June tab of my blog. My name is actually Kathy but ModernJune has really become a huge piece of me. My husband even calls me ModernJune sometimes LOL.

My company is well just me and my small inner circle. My husband handles all shipping and my best girlfriend Tena has recently been hired to help me with the prep work. My kids even get in on the fun sometimes by helping me wrap items or pin fabric. I have been debating getting my daughter a small sewing machine and teaching her at a young age. She is really into all of this and she loves seeing her name in print – as she is named after my great grandmother – Daisy.

It takes me about 30 mins start to finish to make one camera strap BUT I usually work in assembly line style so it goes a bit quicker that way.

Here are a few shots from my weekend of busy work!

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Stop by and take a look at my Spring Bag I made this week too, it has been all over Pinterest which is really amazing!

Back to sewing!



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Hello everyone! I am super excited to be hosting the first of quite a few contests/giveaways!

What makes you happy? Is it a warm cup of coffee, a puppy in the park, your kids laughter? This is the subject of today’s post. I think with the hustle and bustle of everyday life we forget to stop and appreciate everything around us.

I myself have 3 kids, 2 businesses and I volunteer at the school. My days are always jammed packed with car rides, sewing, digi, PTO and then every day life too like taking care of my home and nurturing my relationship. I can go days without even realizing how many days has passed.

The first Friday of every month I take a time out and meet my after school group of mommies for breakfast.  I sat around our table at Denny’s today looking at my group of girlfriends, all of us different ages, relationship status’ and amount of children or grand children and thought this…this right here makes me really happy.  We talked about everything from home life to school to town gossip, we laughed til we cried and we toasted our dear friend we lost a little over a month ago.We have forged these tight bonds between us that I do believe will be lasting relationships even as all the kids grow and our lives change.

In this world of online living, where most communication is shared with a click of a button it feels good to actually have some real human contact each month. I have so many things to be grateful for in my life, my family, my kids, my amazing husband whom without I could not survive day to day but this monthly tradition we have is just for me. Its two hours of guilt free time I get to spend on myself and my goodness we all need it don’t we?


So today I pose the question to you….What makes you happy?

Today you are commenting for a chance to win a 50$ Gift Certificate to my shop on Etsy to use on whatever you want INCLUDING a custom order! You can get a few camera straps, a rack of crayon rolls, I make bags and purses too 🙂 Do you have something you are looking for but cant find one you like? Send me a pic and we can work on it together!

To get an entry in this contest simply comment on what makes you happy!

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I can’t wait to read all your wonderful answers – you have til Sunday at Midnight to enter, the winner will be announced Monday morning!






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I am an avid watcher and lover of the NBC show Parenthood. The real family dynamic keeps me coming back week after week and this week parenthood made me cry(as usual) and gave me my new favorite song!

I literally paused the show hopped on Spotify to find it LOL. I then promptly texted the hubs letting him know this will be our new theme song…

The artist is Ian Britt. I have found him on Spotify and love all his songs now. Very nice sound and sweet melodies.

Here are the lyrics:

You’re no longer alone.
We’ve found a space to name our own.
There aint no need to fret or fuss.
We’ve got all the strength we need in the shape of us.

And I know you’ve had it tough.
Your road’s been bumpy and rough.
But say goodbye to a world that you once knew.
I have every faith in me and you.

Hold my hand.
Hold my heart.
Let go your fear.
Darling I will always be here.

I never felt quite so at home.
Your sweet caress is the best I’ve known.
Now that I’ve proved to you that I’m worthy of your trust.
Let us build a world in the shape of us.


Darling I will always be here.

You can listen to the song here

Watch the video here – The shape of Us

Or check him out on Spotify.

xoxo ModernJune


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A while back I was talking to my daughter Daisy – 7 – and she mentioned her friend tells her that she is skinny and how lucky she is for this. She seven??? I started thinking about my own issues with my weight, body and self esteem. I remember the issues starting so much later in life but maybe not. Maybe they did start at her age. I want to be able to say I have raised my daughter to not hate her body or even worry too much about fitting into the “norm”.

It makes me sad to think that we as women allow ourselves to be defined by something physical. That we can take one small thing and turn it into something huge. That’s when Love Thyself hit me.

The entire Month of March I will be hosting a series of guest bloggers and giveaway hosts. A group of amazing women who are truly confident and beautiful inside and out. We will be owning up to a flaw each. A flaw that we have let have too much control over ourselves. Along the way we hope to inspire other women and girls to embrace whatever flaws they think hey have and learn to love every little bit of themselves!

I hope you join us starting March 1st for inspiration and a few gifts along the way.

You can subscribe to this blog or friend request me on facebook 🙂


xoxo ModernJune

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You ever have one of those weeks where it feels like its crawling till one day it feels like where did this week go? Confused? Yeah that’s me this week.


Deacon started his speech therapy this week which has been amazing! My little man in his backpack is just a sight to melt your heart. He loved his teachers – “The Julies” and they love him too so it makes it real easy for me to leave him there. I have um trust issues. An added benefit to his therapy is that its at the elementary school where my older children attend. While he is getting his stuff done I am over in the library helping out.


Who knew such a simple thing as volunteering would lead to a huge pot of drama in my week. A while back I found out at a PTO meeting that our book fair funds were going directly to the PTO bank account instead of our library – I was a little shocked by this as I had never heard of it done this way. After talking with the librarian she told me she has been wanting to ask for the book fair to go to the library at least one out of the two – completely got shot down at the last meeting.

I sort of took on this book fair issue as my own personal crusade for a few reasons. One it just makes sense to me at least – book fairs – books – library….right? Then after being in the library I have noticed how old and worn the books are. A lot of the books are at least 15 years old and the covers are sort of boring. The newer books are not available without funding and well we don’t have any. Our funds are frozen right now so the book fair is the only shot our school can get new books.

So I went to the last meeting and the issue came up and I sort of went all in. Ok I really went all in and fought for what I believed to be right.  The “board” so to speak threw a few reasons at me as to why they didn’t want to give it up and I debunked each of them. I lucked out this meeting as there were far more parents than teachers and they all seemed to rally the idea.  One teacher asked for a vote and to my complete disbelief we won! At that point not only did they vote to give her the book fair this time they decided they wanted nothing more to do with it and she could have it from now on – that part seemed a bit strange to me but whatever –  I got what I came for right LOl?  Now at the time I was all high on myself and floating on air thinking this was going to be great! I cam in the next day and told the librarian and we celebrated a little and I got together a group of volunteers to help me that week.

Then I got the call – cue the DUN DUN DUUUNNNN LOL. I have mentioned before that I live in a small town – super small. I had not experienced how small until this past week after my little PTO victory. A friend of mine called me to give me a warning. Apparently I had stepped on peoples toes and they were not pleased! I felt like they were accusing me of stealing from them or something. Like I busted in on some private meeting and now I was going to get a time out. I didn’t much care. I knew what I had done would benefit the entire school from this point on and whatever heat I would get from the elite mommies I would take with pride.  The showdown hasn’t happened yet but I’m sure it will come. Maybe at the next meeting 😉

I feel like PTO has forgotten what its purpose is…to bridge a gap between teachers and parents for the good of our children. Right now it feels like a gated community and I am on the outside… not for long though – one thing I know how to do is stand my ground. I didn’t have this experience at my kids old school. They were all so nice and welcoming and everyone worked together. Strange how a smaller community feels more shut out than a larger one.

Anyway that was my little adventure this week. Hope you all are having a good one!


xoxo ModernJune



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Here are the Valentines finished!

I got a few emails and messages asking me about the backdrops in my Valentines day cards.

I don’t know about you but I don’t need back drops enough to go out and buy the pricey ones. So I used fabric(which I have plenty of on hand. My bedroom gets the most natural light in the house from my big windows.

so I took a yard of fabric(for each backdrop)  and taped it to my door frames with a little packing tape

I set up my tripod next to my bed and zoomed in just right…

Thats it!

see you later peeps!

xoxo ModernJune

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