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Hi guys! My name is Chrissa and most anyone who knows me on the internets thinks of me as The Design Junkie, or perhaps has “met” me via my Pinterest or Etsy shop, like the lovely Kathy here. One of my absolute most favoritest things about having a hobby and side business that relies heavily on my meeting and making new friends online is that I get the opportunity to come in contact with the most amazing individuals. People that I would have likely never had the potential of meeting had it not been for that vehicle. To say that I am grateful for that is an understatement, to be sure.

To tell you the truth, historically (and habitually) I haven’t always “loved thyself”. I tend to be such a perfectionist that I am never good enough for me. No matter how hard I would try, I always fell short of my own expectations. I didn’t go to college, I’m not some svelte trophy wife, in fact, there is nothing truly spectacular about me…with the exception of my having met online and then in real life over 300 of my closest friends. True story.

Image[Image via Pinterest]

The more I began to interact with new people and hear and see so many fresh ideas, I began to (not to be totally cheesy) blossom. I had always been a creative person, but suddenly I found myself with such a plethora of ideas. I equated them to helium filled balloons, each threatening to float away whose strings always teased me by slipping out of my grasp. I tried to write things down, to take photos of what I wanted I wanted to make, but as the journal and notepads stacked up and the images started to flood folders and editing programs with nary the time to process, I started to think to myself, “I’m doing it wrong”.


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I tried to simplify, I gave up Farmville, I found myself being more particular about what I did with my time and who I spent it with. Still, I became pretty good at over-promising and under-delivering, flaws that I still struggle with. I’m trying hard to work on this, not only because I have to let others down, but because I don’t want to let me down. Which brings me to a promise I made myself this past Christmas… I had become so active in large part to my blog and its Facebook page, as well as piles of freelance projects, that I found myself thinking about how much I could do, if I didn’t have to go to work every day, which I know sounds absolutely all kinds of crazytown. I had been working for the past 15 years in a position that (I think) I was very good at, I have pretty much the best boss in the history of ever, and employment in a state that has one of the worst unemployment rates in the country. I was always comfortable, so it allowed me to be very sedate, to do anything else would throw shove me pretty far out of my comfort zone. I was scared.


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Then something snapped inside. I felt like I had quite literally cracked open. It finally occurred to me, that if I failed, it wouldn’t kill me.

Again, not having an 8-5 day job WOULD NOT MAKE ME DIE.

For some reason, this was a prettttty big deal to really let that sink in. Everything in me told me I’d be okay, I’d kick butt and take names and all of that, but mostly, I have faith. My faith tells me that I will always make it. I have a ginormous network of support from people who love me all over the world, not to mention, I’m the kind of girl that can make the best of any situation. Case in point:


So I’ve decided not to worry. I have a summer position on the table in Chicago. I’ll help coordinate, sell and organize weddings. Right up my alley. Part of my mission, should I chose to accept it, is re-designing a chicken coop into an office and bridal suite. I’m pumped. I had a nice, super positive talk with my boss, and I’d just like to reiterate that I have been fortunate enough to have worked all of these years for the most supportive guy ever. I called my Grandma to tell her that I wanted to see her soon, that I would likely be gone for the summer. I told her what I was doing. Her response, “What are you, crazy???”

I thought about it for a very long moment before responding.

“Perhaps. Perhaps I am. But I am okay with that. I’ve worked hard and I’m worth this.”

Because you know what? I totally am.

And So are you.

Don’t ever forget that or let anyone ever try to talk you out of your dreams.

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.” – Elsie de Wolfe


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